Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update 10/20/09

I went to the doctor this week and he was very pleased with the way my body is responding to the supplements that are treating my adrenal fatigue. He gave me great hope that, yes indeed I am on my way to healing. He encouraged me not to change my activity too much, but that he had hope for a full recovery. (Which makes me wonder just how concerned he was)
I have felt significantly better in the last week or so. I can have three or four good days before a major crash, which is a great improvement. The challenge is still knowing just how much my body can take.
Last week I walked five days out of seven. The first two were 15 minute walks, and the last three were 30 minute walks! This is all after doing nothing, and I mean nothing, in the form of exercise, or even moving further than from the couch to the bed to the bathroom. ;-) Great improvement, I think!
The severe hypoglycemia has become much easier to manage, I suspect due to the miscarriage. One thing that was a struggle was a 5-7 pound weight gain (this after losing a lot of weight this past year) I was so relieved to find out that, more than likely, most of it was from carrying a precious baby! The best reason for weight gain, right?
My emotions are still across the board, varying daily. Depression is still a factor some days. My family conUtinues to take great care of me! God continues to carry me, speak to me daily, listens as I cry my heart out and then gently puts me on the right path again. I still struggle with this forced rest, but am learning so much and so thankful for all God is doing in all of us.
From the beginning, I have been uncomfortable sharing too much about my health, as I feel the Lord's purpose for this blog is to encourage my daughters and women to 'look well to the ways of their households' so I put a link on the sidebar to the blog I started to track my journey to healing from this adrenal fatigue. (I had read it is wise to document the progress as it is a long, up and down journey.) I don't update it as frequently as I should, and most of what I have already shared on this blog is on that one. I know some of you are really praying for me and are interested, for which I am so thankful. When I update that blog, I will put the date in the sidebar that I did so.
Obviously, I will continue to share what the Lord is showing me, I just don't want to 'bog' this blog down with all the health details. Make sense?

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