Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hope on the Horizon

I am still doing terribly, but I was encouraged by my doctor appt. this week. He went over my bloodwork and was very hopeful for a turn around with how I feel.

First, he said I was extremely healthy! Which is good I guess, but also frustrating because I feel so bad. But he meant, as a whole, I am healthy, just need some fine tuning. ;-)

My bloodwork showed very low levels of progesterone, low cortisol and my T3 and T4 are low. My testosterone is also low. It appears as though my FSH shows that I am in the early stages of perimenopause.

I have started progesterone cream and added a different thyroid supplement. We are going to see if this helps with the other things before we add something else in. Just what I love, taking it slowly ;-) If the progesterone doesn't help enough we will address possible hormone supplementation for my adrenals and some testosterone. I told him that I don't need any more hair on my chin or anymore anger issues. He laughed and said, ' don't worry, you will only have hair on your chest.' Cute.

He said that my poor pituitary and adrenal glands are struggling so hard to keep up and the progesterone might just provide the break they need. This made me cry, the thought of these very important glands trying so hard to do everything I need them to do but not having what they need to do it. I know, just a bit emotional. I guess I feel like I am struggling so hard just to keep up and the progesterone might just provide the support and break I need.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still Not Great

I just read over my past posts to see when this recent downhill trend started. Around the first of February. So, going on three weeks.

This past week was probably the worst in the past three weeks. I needed the kids out of the house. Thank you to my dear friend Mary who had them all day Monday. Tuesday my son brought them to piano instead of piano teacher coming here. Wednesday I met my friend, Mary for coffee and a visit. I was exhausted and felt so lifeless. When I got home the children asked if I had a good time and all I could muster was, 'yes, I guess so.' I was immediately reminded of how 'dead' Christmas felt, so emotionless and passionless. Makes me sad, as I am a passionate, excited person, usually.

My dr. appt. was strange this week as he removed all of my B-vitamins from me because my body was testing so bad with them. He said my adrenals and pituitary need more support, but he only wants to adjust one thing at a time. Great, because I have all the time in the world to wait. Just kidding.

I had my blood work done and received my copy today in the mail. Very fast. Not much pops off the paper to me, then of course I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV. LOL My progesterone looks low and my cortisol looks low. My doctor is good at reading these as he sort of reads between the lines where as my medical doctor just looks at the numbers and prescribes anti-depressants and hormones! I can't wait to hear what my 'natural' doctor has to say. I really hope there is something we can do.

I am really discouraged, as I thought setbacks this big were behind me. So much of this feels like I did in Aug/Sept. though not quite as bad.

We shall see. God continues to speak volumes to me, giving me 'treasures in darkness' that I hope to one day be able to share with people. I wish I had the strength and time to type all He is showing me about my heart. Someday, Lord willing.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adrenal Links

I came across a few links that I have not read yet on adrenal fatigue that I thought to pass along. I was trying to find out how much of my beloved T-Tapp I could do since my doctor told me I can only do light walking.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not Doing So Great

Sorry I haven't updated lately, I am not doing so great. The last couple of weeks have been about survival again. Just this past week my doctor had to adjust my supplements again as my adrenals are functioning pretty low again. Also, I have had extremely severe blood sugar issues. On Thursday night I was actually contemplating going to the hospital (though I know there wasn't much they could do) because the hypoglycemic symptoms were so severe I actually wondered if I would wake up after falling asleep!

No worries though, as usual I slept horribly and was up doing to the bathroom about every hour ;-)

I need to eat every two hours (small amounts) and if I feel symptoms my doctor said I have waited too long. I can't wait for hunger anymore, it will be too late. I then chase the blood sugar the rest of the day only to never really catch it.

I just read my last update and see that yes, indeed I was right, my adrenals were tanking. I love when I am right and can read my body so well!

This does play into my fear of gaining weight some, but I know it is wrong thinking. I eat so little as it is, all this means is to divide it up and eat it every two hours. Even just a couple of bites of something. This is hard because I feel like I am always eating and always full which makes me feel like I will gain, but I need to trust God and let go of the illusion of control in one more area!

I do have some blood work ordered and can't wait to see what that has to say. I am sure progesterone is needed greatly and this will verify that! Also, the possibility of needing some thyroid supplementation, though that seems better for now. At least I am not freezing all the time, but my pulse is still very low as well as blood pressure.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adrenal Update

The past several days were very difficult. I think my adrenals are tanking again. Last week my doctor mentioned something about them, but didn't adjust my supplements. We were so focused on my thyroid. I have been so, so tired again. I mean I am always tired, I am talking that deep to the core tired that I felt in August/September kind of tired.

On top of that, I was heading into my period, which is coming earlier and earlier lately. I was a mess. Not sleeping, completely exhausted and extremely emotional. By last night it was so bad that I really didn't feel like I could go through this again next month. Like, give me drugs, give me hormones, whatever I don't care anymore, I just want out of this!!!!

Thankfully, today is much better. It is amazing to me how I can feel myself coming back. My husband notices the second I am 'on my way back'. I can tell by tomorrow I should be back to myself again.

I think my adrenals are tanking because I am just taking advantage of any energy I have. I have been making meals for a friend, cooking constantly for this elimination diet, researching, seeking the Lord significantly for wisdom on our family's diet. My mind is never off. Slowing adrenals, pms and an obsessed Mama, not a good combination.

I go to the doctor on Friday, I think something needs to be changed with my adrenal supplements.