Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adrenal Update

The past several days were very difficult. I think my adrenals are tanking again. Last week my doctor mentioned something about them, but didn't adjust my supplements. We were so focused on my thyroid. I have been so, so tired again. I mean I am always tired, I am talking that deep to the core tired that I felt in August/September kind of tired.

On top of that, I was heading into my period, which is coming earlier and earlier lately. I was a mess. Not sleeping, completely exhausted and extremely emotional. By last night it was so bad that I really didn't feel like I could go through this again next month. Like, give me drugs, give me hormones, whatever I don't care anymore, I just want out of this!!!!

Thankfully, today is much better. It is amazing to me how I can feel myself coming back. My husband notices the second I am 'on my way back'. I can tell by tomorrow I should be back to myself again.

I think my adrenals are tanking because I am just taking advantage of any energy I have. I have been making meals for a friend, cooking constantly for this elimination diet, researching, seeking the Lord significantly for wisdom on our family's diet. My mind is never off. Slowing adrenals, pms and an obsessed Mama, not a good combination.

I go to the doctor on Friday, I think something needs to be changed with my adrenal supplements.

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