Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thyroid update

My thyroid continues to function slowly! My pulse is 48! Way low! My BP is 90s / 50s, very low. Temps still low. I thought my pulse was getting better, it was 52 for three days, but is back down again.

I continue to take the supplements my doctor has me on. He increased one of them this past week. I continue to exercise to my best ability. I love T-Tapp!!! At times I feel I am getting stronger.

My diet continues to be extremely clean, but very low in calories it seems. My doctor says this is fine as this is what my body needs right now and to now worry about not eating enough or getting enough nutrients.

My weight remains the same and even a pound or two less, which is nothing short of miraculous with hypothyroidism!! Praising God for that!

I do anywhere from 20-40 minutes of T-Tapp each day. (five days)

My daily diet?

1 Quart green smoothie (spread throughout day)
2 egg yolks/1 egg with about 1/2 cup butternut squash
Sunflower seeds (soaked and dried)
Some bites of fish, chicken or beef and some raw salad (cabbage this past week)
Small amount of meat and veggies at dinner
1/2 grapefruit and kombucha at night.

I continue to be concerned about raw cruciferous vegetables. I have read they are goitergenic which slows the absorption of iodine, I think. Our thyroid needs iodine. I am just not convinced I should not be eating these raw. I drives me batty that God created these for food!! I know there are tons of benefits to raw, like enzymes. So I continue to pray for wisdom and HIS leading for ME. I also make sure I rotate my greens.

For example:
M- Spinach
T- Romaine
W- Kale
Th- Red Leaf
Sa- Escarole
Su. Romaine

I also feel like I crave salads right now, especially this cabbage salad. So, what do I do with that?

Shredded purple and green cabbage
poppy seed
shredded apple
vinegar, maple syrup (tiny amt.), olive oil,
S and P
Sunflower seeds on top




  1. Thanks for the update Michelle. I am going to pray for you right now and I hope God will touch you and bring the pulse and the blood pressure up a bit. Keep on trusting God and holding tightly to him.

    Love you,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Michelle, you are doing wonderful! You should be proud for taking such good care of your self.

    Love the idea of rotating your greens! What do you put in your green smoothies?

    Take care and Happy Tapping!

  3. Thank you so much Linda! Your prayers touch my heart.

    Casey!! Thank for visiting. Your comment encouraged me today. So easy to focus on taking care of others . . .I guess I just needed the affirmation that I am doing all I can to take care of myself. Thank you.

    Current smoothie recipe:
    1 large organic apple
    2 stalks celery
    3-4 HUGE handfuls of greens
    water and ice
    I can't take it too sweet. For the kids I put apple and pear. Hubby LOVES mango in his!