Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Three Elimination Diet

Wow, is it only day three? I feel like I have been in the kitchen cleaning produce or soaking and cooking rice, quinoa and adzuki beans for weeks now! ;-)

Today went very well. Again, I am feeling so good, comparatively speaking. It feels like such a blessing to be able to be doing all this for my family, as it has been months of not being up to it! Thank you, Lord.

Smoothie for breakfast. They beg for these. We still are making them with tons of greens ,(organic romaine, organic spinach (yeah Costco) or kale) apples, pears and celery. Today I made one with blueberries and pears with the greens in addition to the original.

I try to drink a quart, the children drink until they can't drink anymore ;-)

I think they are hungrier sooner because I am trying to keep the smoothies 'pure' meaning no oils or seeds, as we are detoxing and doing the elimination diet. I do think when I add oils or young coconut water and meat they last a lot longer.

Brunch was more of the Yam and Adzuki Hash and rice and beans.

Then a couple of short hours later, more of anything leftover from the previous two days. . .

Then, carrots, celery and cucumbers with a tablespoon of sunbutter (sunflower seed butter).

Then, I had to beat them off with a carrot stick until dinner . . . which was . . .

absolutely fabulous, 'I could eat these everyday' Sunny Sunflower Seed Burgers from the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook (not sure if the recipe is on their website) My husband LOVED them.

Basically they were sunflower seeds ( I soaked and dried them first for optimal nutrition) some spices, and cooked brown rice whazzed up in the food processor and formed into patties. I then 'fried' them in coconut oil. Delicious!

My daughters eczema is worse than ever, but I believe this is to be expected, as it may get worse before it gets better and the offending food needs to be out of the diet for more than three weeks.

As far as this adrenal fatigue mama and diet:

-1 quart smoothie (way more greens than low-glycemic fruit)
-1/4 cup sunflower seeds (soaked and dried)chicken, green apple, celery, cranberry salad with celery stalks
-(I crashed in the afternoon because I let myself get way to hungry, this is a big NO-NO for adrenal fatigue, I know this, but do it occasionally anyway!)
-Woofed down some fish and some sunflower seed and date balls.
-Dinner was a Sunflower Burger, lots of guacamole (yum) and green beans and a little more fish.

Okay, all adrenal fatiguers need to be in bed by 10:00 pm and it is now 10:14, so I am breaking another rule . . .I'm am off to bed!

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  1. What a great idea to document all this here Michelle ~ I am sure it will be a blessing to many in the days to come. Not to mention that it is a good resource for you and your family. I'm so glad you are doing better...sounds like the Lord is truly giving you all that you need day by day. How Good HE is!!

    So sorry to read (on my blog) that your family has a virus travelling through!! I will pray that the Lord would let it be short lived so you can get to "normal" living again!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments. May the Lord truly shine through me so that others only see HIM! NOTHING good in's ALL the Lord ~ such a comforting thought!

    With Love ~ Your friend,