Monday, January 11, 2010

Day One Elimination Diet

Today we begin, as a family, the Elimination diet. I was so excited and really felt the Lord leading us to this. We all prayed and let Him lead it. That is my consolation right now as I listen to "I am hungry", "is there anything else I can eat?" "what do get to eat in two days?"

Also, my two year old is having tummy troubles again which has resulted in a horrible diaper rash. My 17 year old's tummy and head don't feel well either. I am very hungry and wonder if it is okay to be doing this with my adrenal fatigue. I have to trust that God has led this, but I am continually crying out for wisdom with each turn here today.

It is 12:18 pm and I have made at least seven blender-fulls of smoothies! Keeping a family this size in green smoothies is proving to be pretty time consuming. I just realized, it might sound like I am complaining. I am not! Really, there is grace, just giving you a 'real' picture.

For the first two days we are supposed to only consume green smoothies. We do believe that the littles might need more and are willing to give them some rice, beans and quinoa if needed, but so far, they are doing great.

The two year old is eating rice, applesauce and bananas, in an effort to firm up his bowel movements. Bananas are not on the elimination diet, but we are not so concerned about him.

I also need to make sure everyone is drinking enough water, which I have found that if you give a kid a straw they will drink anything, and copious amounts too.

Main reasons we are doing this:

A couple of the children have eczema, one pretty severe that has not responded to taking out wheat and/or dairy.

Some of the children have 'elimination' problems, meaning they take way too long to go and don't always go regularly. Some go very infrequently and have a hard time of it.

One has some pretty bad attention problems.

The others are along for the ride. It is a very healing diet for the next several weeks, so we all can benefit from it. I do think there may even be some spiritual issues that will be addressed during this time.

We have an inside family joke going with this. Whatever symptom or ailment someone brings to me they get the same response, "you need the elimination diet". It might be a tummy ache, an earache, a sore foot, a blister from their boots, selfishness, pride, you name it, I am convinced (and trying to convince them ;-) that the elimination diet will cure it!

I might update later to let you know if we are surviving or not!

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  1. I'm glad you're posting your journey on the elimination diet. I'll be starting on Saturday and will be posting my progress as well. Nice to know how other people are doing on it!