Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elimination Diet day 2

Yesterday feels like it was awful! I felt terrible most of the day. Kind of like a blood sugar feeling all day. Had a bad headache at night. Felt like I was chasing hunger all day which is what it felt like when I was at my worst. I think the high fruit content (even though I use way less) was too high for me with adrenal fatigue.

The children fared pretty well. They were 'starving' all day. Do you know how many greens it takes to keep a family this size in green smoothies all day? A LOT! ;-) I felt like I made smoothies all day, which I did, of course.

I did make some Healing Quinoa Cabbage Soup that is on the elimination diet and everybody was thrilled to have solid food! They ate it without any complaints!

Today we are proceeding as if it were day three for the rest of the family, meaning only a green smoothie for breakfast and elimination diet food the rest of the day.

Me, on the other hand, well, we are still praying, but I need the protein I think. Also, the elimination diet is way too high in carbs for me. Even though they are complex carbs, it is way more than I have eaten in about a year.

My diet has mostly consisted of:

1/2 to 1 whole apple
Pink grapefruit
Meat, organic, free range
and Vegetables
and good fats

That is it! No grains, no legumes, no sugar and minimal fruit carbs. It is basically a very low carb way of eating. I believe I feel the best when I follow this to the letter. So, I am thinking, even though the diet provides complex carbs and veggies (no protein from meat though) it will not work for me. Brian is doing fine on it, but he doesn't have adrenal fatigue with the blood sugar issues I have.

I have fasted in the past and done cleanses, but this feels different. I don't feel well eating this way. Also, I can't possibly be 'detoxing' that much because I already didn't eat sugars, junk and carbs. So, I just don't know. Am praying and trusting God to lead me.

I am still pursuing eating as much 'raw' as I can. I have been studying the raw diet, but can't get past the protein needs I believe someone with adrenal fatigue has. I could be wrong, and am praying for wisdom. I really want what 'they' the raw foodists are selling! Health and energy!

Oh, one really cool thing to come out of this is today I made Yam and Adzuki Bean Hash for brunch and everyone gobbled it up! You have to know that Yams! and Beans! for breakfast would not fly in this house. I guess there is benefit to 'starving' your children! ;-) Also, I think any complaint ever about anything I serve with come with a swift, "okay, green smoothie day for your tomorrow!"

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  1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been reading your diet blogs here with great interest, mostly because I have done so much in this area. I hope it's okay if I share my thoughts, with the simple intent to maybe help you. In no way am I an expert!! =)

    I am truly not surprised that you feel rather rotten. Because of the adrenal fatigue, our bodies already have a really tough time processing any and all sugars (breads, pasta, etc.). So low carb and high protein are definitely best. Too much of a raw diet is very, very hard on me though. The enzymes from raw veggies are so good for our digestive system, but too much of it just wipes me out. (A spinach salad with eggs, walnuts and carrots is awesome!) I "think" I get like this because my body is already so sensitive that this drastic change in eating is just too much. (I bought a juicer some time back and every glass of juice made me deathly sick with stomach cramps.)

    The less carbs I eat, along with eating protein throughout the day, the better I feel. Being a carb LOVER, this is really, really hard for me... but I know it's the only way for me to feel good consistently. This is just me, of course! God bless you as you continue to figure out what works to bring you health and strength!