Friday, January 8, 2010

Health Update

Still feeling pretty good! I have had a few MINOR crashes, but have handled some pretty busy, out of my control days.

I have been seeking the Lord on any changes to our/my diet. I have added green smoothies, just fruits and greens, for almost a week now. I think I might be feeling better from them. I think they are going to help in the 'elimination' area, if you know what I mean. I think things are still trying to balance out. I have been doing tons of reading on green smoothies and trying to incorporate more raw foods into our diet. I really don't think the Lord is leading me to a completely raw diet, as this conflicts with much of what He has shown me, but I do see great benefit to increasing the raw and possibly for a short healing season. I am walking with great caution though, because I don't want to undo all that has been done in the healing department.

Starting on Monday, January 11, 2010 our whole family will be doing a 28-day elimination diet in the hope of discovering some food allergies or sensitivities. It can be daunting, being in charge of healthfully feeding this crew and then throw in some health issues and it gets big in a hurry! Thank God I have Him and His wisdom to guide.

We, as a family have been praying about it and unless the Lord closes the door, we will start! Part of the 'fleece' was that it would all fall into place because we know that me being stressed or overwhelmed from it would mean a closed door. Well, He laid it all out for me and I am really excited to begin, I mean from the preparing department.

Lord willing, I will update if there is an interest.

This is the website that I am closely following. The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen I bought their book months ago, love how the Lord prepares me, and we are following their elimination diet.

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