Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thyroid Crashing

I went to the doctor again this week. I have noticed my resting heart rate is very low, in the 40s. Also, I feel like I am chasing my blood sugar a lot lately, even though I am eating very well. I simply cannot even fudge a little on waiting to eat. It has not been that bad in a long time.

I have also lowered my pituitary supplements, at his advice. He said to lower them slowly until we found the right amount. Well, I think we went a little too far, because the same sense of well being that came when I increased them left as I lowered them!

He had put me on some minor support for thyroid last time, but this time it is apparent that I needed something stronger, so he added a new thyroid supplement as well as increasing the pituitary supplements.

He said all the things I needed work on were pancreatic and endocrine, so it all made sense with the symptoms I was having.

I thought it might be beneficial to list all I take in the form of supplements, but I want to say that you simply cannot look at what one person takes and apply it to yourself! He muscle tests me for each and every supplement. When I was at my worst, he would test me for something that seemed great for me only to have me crash on two or three days later. (paradoxical reaction)

These are in no particular order.

Folate 5-plus (one a day)

Cytozyme PT/HPT (this is the pituitary support) (currently back up to 8 a day)

Gammonal Forte ( this goes with the PT/HPT) (currently back up to 8 a day)

Cytozyme AD (adrenal support) (3 a day)

Destress (2 in the morning and 2 at night)

Thyrostim (this is the first thyroid support he put me on)(three a day)

Glucobalance (this is just an all around great support) (3 a day)

Bio-Glycozyme (3 before bed)

Bio-D Mulsion (a great vitamin D) (2-6 drops daily)

GTA (recent addition) (one a day)

Optimal EFAs (six a day)

Iodine (6 drops, 2 times a day)

I also take a digestive enzyme with meals, when I remember ;-)

Occasionally I take Betaine with meals.

And, I cannot forget my beloved L-Tryptophan and Melatonin

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