Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 20 of Elimination Diet

Well, we are on day 20! It is getting easier as I have been able to add in tomatoes! Apparently most of my cooking involves tomatoes! Our flavor profile appears to be Mexican and Italian.

My Isabella, with pretty bad eczema is actually doing worse. This is disheartening a little because I don't know if she is just having a bad day with it, or was something she ate, or she is detoxing . . .I just feel sort of helpless! I pray continually for wisdom. For now I am going to take back out nightshades for her, but something tells me this is not it.

We still do not have the big bad things in, like wheat, corn, gluten, dairy, eggs. My doctor says you need to have these out for AT LEAST 21 days before you can tell anything. So we shall see. Also, my other daughter outgrew her eczema, so who knows.

This diet has moved us to take our diet to a whole new level. It has opened the children up to new ideas in food. We closely follow Nourishing Traditions principles and have really taken it to a new level. We already did great, but I think there is always room for improvement.

Eggs and dairy have to come in first for us, as we have a bazillion eggs from our chickens and we have a cow share that is on hold. We are going to wait until next week to add them in slowly though.

My Blendtec is coming tomorrow!! I can't wait. I have made approximately 180 smoothies in my Bosch blender since we started this. I make six blenderfuls a day, hopefully the Blendtec will cut that in half! Yeah!

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