Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not Doing So Great

Sorry I haven't updated lately, I am not doing so great. The last couple of weeks have been about survival again. Just this past week my doctor had to adjust my supplements again as my adrenals are functioning pretty low again. Also, I have had extremely severe blood sugar issues. On Thursday night I was actually contemplating going to the hospital (though I know there wasn't much they could do) because the hypoglycemic symptoms were so severe I actually wondered if I would wake up after falling asleep!

No worries though, as usual I slept horribly and was up doing to the bathroom about every hour ;-)

I need to eat every two hours (small amounts) and if I feel symptoms my doctor said I have waited too long. I can't wait for hunger anymore, it will be too late. I then chase the blood sugar the rest of the day only to never really catch it.

I just read my last update and see that yes, indeed I was right, my adrenals were tanking. I love when I am right and can read my body so well!

This does play into my fear of gaining weight some, but I know it is wrong thinking. I eat so little as it is, all this means is to divide it up and eat it every two hours. Even just a couple of bites of something. This is hard because I feel like I am always eating and always full which makes me feel like I will gain, but I need to trust God and let go of the illusion of control in one more area!

I do have some blood work ordered and can't wait to see what that has to say. I am sure progesterone is needed greatly and this will verify that! Also, the possibility of needing some thyroid supplementation, though that seems better for now. At least I am not freezing all the time, but my pulse is still very low as well as blood pressure.

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  1. I've been so concerned about you lately. I shared your need with my husband, and this morning, during our daily prayer time together, he prayed for you! You're on our hearts :-)

    Brenda (Mrs. T)