Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas With Adrenal Fatigue

This past Christmas was a little different than most years. I cut way back on what "needed" do be done. Truth be told, though, as a Mama, there is still a lot I am responsible for, especially during the holidays!

I was caught off guard a little. Because I have been feeling a little better, I think I just thought I could go about business as usual (even with a reduction in the 'things to do' list) I was wrong. Also, the week before Christmas I ran out of L-Tryptophan, one of the supplements that I take. I stubbornly refused to buy more because I am getting weary of needing so many supplements and the cost is bugging me. On top of that, at what point do I just totally rely on Christ as my healer and strength! Notice, it wasn't a "Spirit-led" decision to stop the supplements?

Each night I would tell Brian something doesn't feel right. I felt like I was 'slipping' somehow. It wasn't until I totally crashed emotionally one night that he realized it had been a week without the tryptophan. We did go out the next day and buy some. ;-) When I told my doctor, he said, "when you need tryptophan, you need it." So next time I shouldn't be so foolish and rash.

It is hard to explain how the holidays felt with adrenal fatigue, but I will try. I have excitement and joy inside, though not as much as usual, but it just doesn't seem to come out. I don't have the energy to muster up excitement. It was like watching the holidays happen through a foggy lens. I was thankful and realized how unbelievably blessed we are, but it just sort of feels 'muted' or stifled somehow.

I wanted to be excited and joyful for the children's sake. They were so excited. They love to give more than receive. I just sort of felt like a bump on the log some of the time.

Brian and the children did SO much of what needed to be done. I am so thankful. Even with doing way less and them doing so much, it was still too much. How is this????

It was a special time, just a subdued special time. Does that make sense?

BTW, the tryptophan has seemed to 'right the ship' some. I take 1- 500 mg in the morning and 2- 500 mg before bed. I don't think tryptophan is the cure all, but it has helped some. I still marvel at the exhaustion at times.

Oh, and I realized that I was doing WAY too much for exercise and have since cut back again. It is hard not to get into the let's lose inches/pounds mode and stay in healing and restoring mode. Exercise is extremely beneficial to adrenal fatigue, but it needs to be moderate. Probably something most adrenal fatigue people know little about, moderation that is. ;-) I do believe part of me feeling somewhat better the past 3-4 weeks is directly related to exercising again. T-Tapp is my exercise of choice. It is amazing!!!!!


  1. Sweet Michelle, I am so Sorry to hear that you crashed over the holidays. It is truly both a fun, exciting time, and also an exhausting and stressful season. This is the first year that I have not had an emotional melt down before it was all over with! I determined before hand to try to relax and enjoy the holidays this year even if things were left undone. There were moments of stress and exhaustion, but I still managed to somehow make it through with my joy and good humor in tact. ;) I did leave Tappy Holidays on the back burner though . . . NOw, I must figure out a way to get it back on the front burner for the new year!

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I received Nourishing Traditions for Christmas! I knew you would be excited for me. Now, to find time to read it . . .

    Here is hoping that the new year brings you much Joy and renewed Health!


  2. God bless you Michelle as you enter 2010. Keep on looking to HIM through it all...such a blessing to be HIS!!

    Sorry to hear you were not the greatest over the holidays...but so glad to hear that the medication is helping!

    With Love,

  3. Just a hello from an adrenal fatigue friend. Your site resonated with me on many levels, particularly this post about how holidays affect us. As a pastor's wife, it is one of my very busiest times and I am so worn out by the end... God bless you as you continue to heal and grow closer to Him this year! ♥