Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update 3/20/10

Wow! It has been a long time since I have updated. I have been slowly getting better, but it was very rough again for awhile there.

I have been on the progesterone for about three weeks and I 'think' I am finally feeling the results. The emotions became more controllable. I became stronger and stronger each day. I have been back to working out slowly. And this week I was able to do the whole workout and actually felt strong like I used to. Well, not quite as strong, but so much better than I have been!

I have had some 'paradoxical' reactions to the progesterone that we now believe were caused from starting at to high of a dose. I began to retain fluids, my weight went up 3-5 pounds, which freaked me out, I was anxious and 'racy' and slept horribly! I finally read that those are paradoxical symptoms and that has brought some peace. The 'cure' is to just back off a little on the progesterone and slowly increase it.

As of right now we are not going to address my thyroid, any more than supplements, or my adrenals until we see how I do with the progesterone. I really think that once those levels come up my cortisol and thyroid numbers will come up too. I am hoping, anyway ;-)

I found this article called the Adrenal Fatigue Fix and thought it was helpful. I was happy to see that I am doing everything right with 'diet'.

I hope and pray you all are doing well and finding your way with your health struggles. I know it is so hard, but I also know that God has a plan that I need to learn and rest in. Praying you also find this rest.

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