Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update 3/31/10

I have had some pretty big crashes, BUT my hope is that they were simply PMS related versus being another adrenal crash! The week leading up to my period was very bad, emotional and I was physically exhausted like in the past.

It is like you can feel the energy just drain from every muscle! I also bled through day 4 which I think is an improvement. I have read several places that one of the idiosyncrasies with adrenal fatigue is that your flow completely stops on day 4. Weird, hug? Well mine always stopped on day 4. Not this time!

I started to feel better by Sunday, we actually had people over, which we haven't in more than 9 months, and I was fine. But, on Monday I completely collapsed, emotionally and physically. I don't know if I would have anyway or having company over was too much or it was a deviation in my diet??? Seems you can never tell with me.

I have been feeling like the Lord is leading me to 'amp' up my diet. Meaning be more intentional. I am thinking to add in liver (pray for me ;-) being even more strict with not even eating dried fruits, eating more beef, cooked long and slow and in some cases as rare as I can eat it. Also increasing raw veggies, which I do a lot of already. I am going to juice as well as green smoothies.

Actually, I have been juicing and love this combo, it is almost addicting!

A friend led me to this great and helpful blog called, Annie's Health Place. Hope it is helpful to you!

Kale or Spinach

So yummy! I drink about 16 oz a day. I don't seem to have room in my belly for all the good things I want to put in it. Since doing the juice thing I think I am craving more raw foods and cooked foods sort of gross me out. This happened when I first introduced green smoothies too.

I am walking 30 minutes every day, slowly, per my doctors instructions. I don't like the slowly part. I like to really hit it, really give it my all, push myself . . .hmmmm, maybe that's why I have adrenal fatigue ;-)

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