Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

This week has been up and down. Last night was really bad. Little stress caused me to have an anxiety attack. It is so strange because you cannot control what your body does and how it reacts to stress.

It is that I have no reserves to handle stress and my body reacts to it, somehow bypassing my mind.

On Wednesday, I was encouraged by my Dr. appt. He confirmed that, yes, I did have adrenal exhaustion. I was also encouraged as he said he was taking is slowly as to not overwhelm my adrenals with supplements which is exactly what I read about.

My B vitamins are completely depleted. He has me on two different kinds every waking hour.

He kept my adrenal supplements the same, like I said to address them slowly.

Preparation phase. This phase normally lasts 2-6 weeks. During this time, the body normally does not feel any significant difference even though nutrients have been administered. One continues to feel fatigue. This is the phase where the body builds its lost reserve and internally gets stronger. It is not infrequent to feel even feel worse from time to time. Paradoxical reactions may arise during this time and adjustments of nutrients may be needed. It may involve increasing or decreasing the dose, depending on the body type and sensitivity level. Strategies that do not allow the body to go through this important preparation stage often fail over time, as the body simply does not have the reserve it normally needs to cushion itself against stressful time. Small dips within the recovery cycle will then occur. It is like forcing an athlete to run a sprint without adequate warm up. (Dr.

Still not sleeping well, I have an appt. today and hope to get that addressed.

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